Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving, re-cap

I'm a few days behind on this post, but I know I'll wish I had written in to look back on in years to come.  Our first Thanksgiving in Spain was actually a big success.  Did you know there's a statue of Christopher Columbus in our city looking out over the sea? History stories crossing the continent.

We sent the boys to school. Our kids don't actually know that Americans get off school for Thanksgiving. David and I still hit our language classes, and then we met up at a friend's house for a spectacular feast late in the afternoon.   Not to mention, amazing decor.  She set such a beautiful table!

I wish I had taken more pics, but I got distracted by all that good food. We capped it off with apple cider, pumpkin pie and apple crumble.

SOOOOO grateful that even in a new country, new city, new community, God is giving us community.

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