Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas past

I often use this blog as a sort of family scrapbook.  The other day I was scrolling through Decembers past.  I can hardly believe that this is my ninth Christmas to write in this little space! Life sure looks different these days than it did when I first started!!! 

Some truths just sink deeper as the years go by though.  These words, originally written after my parents had come for a visit in India, hit me fresh again this year.  

Originally posted on December 17, 2012

We've been in the depths around here. Watching grandparents fly away takes a little recovery time.  By Sunday, we were spent.  What on earth are we doing living on the far side of the sea? Our faith in the unseen was waning.  So we decided to forgo our weekly jaunt to the local, native speaking church and drive across town to the international one.  There's just something about singing carols in your mother tongue that does the heart good.  

In preparation for Christmas, a few brief words ran across the monitor that pointed to the incarnation of Christ.  God sent His Presence among us in Jesus. He came. Born in a lowly manger.  He lived here, in the dust and dirt.  From what we read in Scripture, there were long years of his life that were lived in ordinary, daily life.  There isn't a record of a childhood filled with healing or raising the dead.  the star in the East had come and gone.  The wise men returned to their homes.  He grew in wisdom and stature.  And yet, he was living in perfect obedience to God.  He was fulfilling every line of the law.  

There are days, and perhaps there will be long years, when things in my world seem a bit too ordinary.  The mundane creeping along jars my arrogant wish for something grander.  Christmas is a beautiful reminder to me of how God blesses the common.  Christ entered into life here, the humble and the ordinary.  He, who had seen what our minds could never even imagine, grew in the quietness of daily life until God's appointed time.  The humble acceptance of such a life by One whose very essence merits unutterable praise and glory is startling.  
God became man and dwelt among us. 

These are the words I'm treasuring up today.  May they sink into your spirit as well as you walk through this season. 

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Kelly Brasher said...

Thank you so much for saying just what my heart needed to hear today. I love how you put your heart into such sweet words. As I'm reading them, I can almost hear your voice and see your beautiful smile, and that makes my heart joyful. You are one of the sweetest blessings our Lord has ever given me. I don't tell you that enough. I love you, sweet girl. Blessed to call you family, but even more so, to call you friend...