Wednesday, February 22, 2017

carnival and catalan

This is the week of Carnival.  I wish I could spell it the way they say it.

The kids have crazy-dress all week at school. Today was tie-day.  Dad tied them up this morn.  Tomorrow there is a parade around the block.  Apparently they crafted costumes at school.  Silas is one of the Patrulla Canina (Paw Patrol) and Jude is a panther.  Asher and I will be waiting for the excitement on the streets.

Silas is having a little break through this week.

He sang the Catalan alphabet at dinner last night.  I almost cried.  It was so sweet, and his accent was perfect.

Then his teacher pulled me aside today at pick up and told me that this week she's heard him speak to his classmates several times in Catalan.

Sigh. Relief.  In my more dramatic moments, I thought he might be fourteen and still convinced that everyone really does speak English.

The road is still long.  But this is big. 


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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so happy to hear about Silas's breakthrough! Prayer works, doesn't it, Mom! Quinten and I talked about you guys a lot over the past couple of days. Looked at your most recent blog posts. Laughed and smiled at the brotherly love on the slide. All that jazz! I can't wait to tell him about Silas's victory and remind him not to stop praying for his little buddy. Love you all!