Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Briefing

I've mentioned this podcast before. And if you've conversed with me for any length of time in the past few years, I've likely referenced Al Mohler's work at The Briefing.  Lately, with politics swirling in the air and the massive cultural shift that seems to be taking place overnight, I have found it particularly helpful.

I know that it can be an effort to put one more voice into your world, and that the years of young motherhood aren't exactly the easiest season to be engaged in the political and cultural battles at hand.

Here are three short reasons why I really think young moms, in particular, should be tuning into Al Mohler's The Briefing:

1. Cultural and moral analysis of the world from a Christian perspective fits us to train our children for the battles of the next generation.  To teach my children to think like a Christian, I need to exercise that myself, daily.  I find Mohler particularly helpful in this. I need to be engaging in the underlying world views at work long before my boys are hit by the onslaught of them when they reach their teens.

2. While giving insight, history and facts that are helpful in responding intelligently to the daily news, Mohler helps me keep the end of the story in mind.  This is hugely helpful for me in mothering.  The end of the story is not a world that falls apart.  It's a Savior who rescues and reigns. 
3.  It reminds me that I need to raise warriors.  Growing up in the South in a private school and large church community was a gift.  But I wouldn't say it particularly fitted me for a world where many of Christ's followers are persecuted.  I think our children will meet a different world, even if they stay in the same hometown in the same community.  The way I teach my children about the gospel and the world ought to be shaped by that reality.

There it is.  I kept meaning to tell you just one more time that you should listen. I hope you will.

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