Tuesday, February 28, 2017

when it rains

It's pouring over here.

This past weekend I spent sixteen hours in a driving course.  My international license is only valid for our first six months in country. I'll spend another sixteen hours this weekend, followed by two weeks of furious studying.  All in hopes that I can actually pass the written driving exam. Hubs just competed his thirty minute long road driving evaluation yesterday. Thankfully, he passed.  The process in total to get his license has been well over two months long. The guy in the car with him missed a stop sign and failed within five minutes.  Let's just say it's a little high stress to run the driver-license-gauntlet here.

We are starting the most irregular tense in language school this week and I'm now in class with two French speaking ladies and a German.  This means our hours in class increase and our homework outside of class too.  But we're plugging along, and I am getting better.  I can actually talk about events in the past and present now.  That's a big game changer in conversation!

Keep those two big factors in mind when I describe our last 36 hours.  I feel like I'm in Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day.  And the humor of it is not at all lost on me.

Sunday night as I was combing Jude's hair, I noticed a few specks. Lice.  He has head lice.  We got a note from the school two weeks ago that it's going around. I checked then and all was well.  But then there was crazy hat day at school for carnival.  Welcome home, hair friends.

Monday morning David left at 5am to practice for his 9am driving test.  I got up to finish Spanish homework, just in case I could make it to class. At 6:30am, Asher crawled in bed with me so I could tell him Happy 2nd Birthday.

By 7am, Silas was awake and in tears.  His tonsils were so swollen they looked like they were going to fall out of his throat.  By 9:30 we had scheduled a doctors appointment and lice shampoo from the pharmacy. By 11am, David had passed his exam, Jude was soaking in the bath, and hubs was taking Silas to the doctor.

Needless to write, I didn't make it to class.  The couch pillows, the sheets, all the pajamas, and plenty of stuffed animals were cycling through the wash because we really don't like lice. (I don't have a dryer, so it's slow and steady.) By afternoon, David was back to class and we had a prescription for strep throat.

We managed to squeeze in a trip to the store to get frozen pizza and a Paw Patrol cake for the birthday boy, who was happily oblivious to it all. He was all birthdayed up and the sheets were returned to the beds for a good night of sleep.

Until 11:30pm, when Silas woke up with a reaction to the antibiotics. Hello, red rash, itching arms and feet.  Good bye, good night's sleep.

This morning we rolled it all out again.  New prescription, lice-free kid back to school, return to language class.

The laundry is, of course, still drying.

Sometimes when it rains, it pours.

This is one of those weeks for us.

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Sara Nagel said...

God Bless you friends. I hope your week is getting better. Love you lots!