Tuesday, March 14, 2017

city life

The pictures on my phone this week feel like a little montage of our city life.  I thought I'd give you a peek into a few of the differences in our life here.  

Even though we lived in a city of 10 million in South Asia, we were on the outskirts.  There was green just below our apartment.  Now, while the urban metro population is around 4.5 million, we're right in the heart.  We have to walk two blocks to find grass.  On the upside, the sidewalks are big and the playgrounds are fantastic. 

We walk....everywhere. And we're pretty much like a walking circus on these streets.  Not many people have three little boys trailing them.  They are so worth it though! 

The first (and only) time I went grocery shopping without Asher and the stroller, I forgot that I would have to walk up two blocks with everything by myself.  I was feeling so excited about my solo trip that I went a little crazy on food.  I almost dislocated my shoulder with grocery bags.  I considered  leaving them on the street.  I think I took four breaks just to make it home. Lesson learned.  You shop for a day or two here, just what you can carry.  

Here we are on our walk to church this past Sunday morning. It's around 10 blocks from our house, which takes 30 minutes with the boys.  We are currently going to an international church, where on any given Sunday people from around 70 nations gather to sing in English and Spanish.  Sometimes it makes me catch my breath.  It's feels like a tiny glimpse of heaven.  

Silas, in the fashion of a true urban childhood, planted a garden on the roof of his school.  They harvested today and he brought home this beautiful "lechuga." I said, "Buddy, I'm so proud of you for all that hard work! You grew this!" He looked at me and said, "No, mom.  The teachers really did the work." Haha.  I can well imagine.  

And in case you're wondering (as was I) how on earth we can afford to get haircuts for all these boys in a metropolitan city, here's the secret:  We found the South Asian neighborhood and hit the men's parlor for 4 Euros a kid.  It comes complete with a selfie with the barber afterward.  And it totally feels like we're back in India.  

 There's your little peek into our city life these days.

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Robert and Kim said...

I'm catching up a bit on your posts and I'm laughing out loud remembering an almost exact grocery shopping memory of mine - I was so excited to be by myself and I died dragging all those bags home! People could barely get by me on the sidewalk!
Praying today for you all -
Kim Jones