Monday, March 13, 2017


He woke up at 5:15 am to celebrate, and didn't lose his excitement until we tucked him into bed tonight.  This guy knows how to anticipate.  He's been faithfully looking forward to it....well, since he turned four.  He's probably asked me at least once a week for the past six months if it might be his birthday "tomorrow." Today, he told everyone we met that he's five now.  He wanted me to stop strangers in the park and let them know.  The kid is enthusiastic.  It's one of his most endearing qualities.  He just loves life.

And, boy, do we love him.

We had a little lunch fiesta with another family from school that have become our playground buddies.  Then we headed to McDonald's for dinner, where they got Happy Meals. (Because we're those parents that usually only buy Happy Meals on birthdays. It was a real moment for them:) Silas also told the McDonald's workers it was his birthday:) Here are a few pics of the excitement.

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