Friday, March 17, 2017

Pinch Me?

This St. Patrick's Day, I had a very funny playground conversation with an Irish "mum." She was so excited that I was all decked out in my green pants and matchy necklace that she rushed home to get green balloons to share.  I assured her that Americans just love St. Patrick's Day.  

And then, another American mom and I talked about how we were scrambling this morning to find a bit of green for the kids to wear.  You know, so they wouldn't get pinched.  I expressly told David that, with those Irish kids at the school, they'd surely get pinched without green on. 

The Irish mum was baffled. "Get pinched," she asked? We went on to explain the no-green = pinch me concept in the US.  She'd never heard of it. 

People.  The Irish only wear green.  They don't pinch each other on St. Patrick's Day. I still feel shocked.  Someone's been tricking Americans all these years. 

We had green pancakes for lunch and watched the highly informative St. Patrick's Day Veggie Tale.

Ok, to be honest, Jude and I had green pancakes for lunch. Silas and Asher thought that was taking things a bit too far.  

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