Monday, March 6, 2017

The Merry Little Breezes

I have a new friend here who has great taste in books and she's introduced me to several new authors in recent months.  Her boys are just a few years older than mine so she is, gratefully, a few steps ahead of me in so many realms. Our favorite find recently is Thornton Burgess, who was originally published in the early 1900s.

Our bedtime reading these days is all about Old Mother West Wind and her children, the Merry Little Breezes. Then there're favorites Prickly Porky, Jimmy Skunk and Johnny Chuck down in the Green Meadow.  And of course, Old Man Coyote was enough to leave us trembling in our beds. I admit that it took me a book or two to get into his style and characterizations, but as the pages have turned, I've fallen more and more in love with this series.

If you're looking for something new, particularly for little men in the 4-8 year category, pick one up.  In fact, several of them are free for your kindle right now on Amazon if you want to try them out.  Click here for Old Mother West Wind.


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Laurin said...

Laura. Do tell how you faithfully have book time each night. I need to know. With the girls, I remember we did this ever so faithfully until they soared off and began to read to themselves each night. While Luke likes to read to himself, he still loves for us to read to him and definitely loves to read to us. And poor Jacob. He's like: "You read to us? What does that mean, Mom?!?" By the time we reach that bedtime, I'm done. I just can't handle even spending a few minutes reading to those boys-it happens. But only like 1 or 2x a week. Suggestions? You can text me if you'd rather. =-)