Friday, April 21, 2017


Today at lunch, I turned on our gas stove to make a grilled cheese.  I didn't notice that the baguette I'd laid on the counter was dangerously close to the flame, still wrapped in a thin paper wrapper.  The paper went up in flames.  And I stood staring at it...just screaming.

Thankfully, hubs, ever the reasonable one in the family, was nearby. He did the obvious. He turned on the water faucet, and put out the flame.  He even did it so rationally as to save the baguette. I stood, still in hysteria, watching.

Silas was sitting at the table eating.  David then proceeded to give a little illustrated lesson to him.  He filled a cup of water, as if to remind him of how flames die, and asked, "Buddy, what should we do when something catches on fire?"

Silas responded, "We should scream, Dad. We should screeeeeeaam for help."

And so it would seem that I am, by my fine example, infusing my little ones with the gift of hysteria rather than reason.

Mom points, right? 


Cassie said...

Ha! Laura, I just literally "laughed out loud."

Faith Wasonga said...

Hey Laura ..apparently this is the only place I was told to look for you please ...please email me at

Gayle Smith said...

Made my day!! What a laugh!