Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Miscellany

1. April showers ushered in the month for us this weekend.  After a cozy day indoors, we headed to McDonald's at the beach on Saturday night.  The rain cleared and my climbers just kept on climbing. It's always crazy to me that this is literally a 15 minute drive from our house, but for weeks on end, we will not even glimpse the ocean.  The truth is, two miles on crowded city roads, feels a lot further. There's a saying that "Barcelonians live with their backs to the beach." Guess we're turning local.   Maybe this summer will be different! 

2. Silas's teacher pulled me aside at pick up today.  There was a kerfuffle at school because he continues to ask his friends for toys by saying "peeeaaase." (We have a little trouble with "l"s yet.) This, apparently, sounds very similar to the crude way of saying "to pee" to little Catalan ears.  His friend insisted he keeps saying a bad word. When Silas's teacher tried to instruct him in saying "plau" instead, so everyone would understand his "please," he refused.  Tears, crying.  No "plau" gonna come from his mouth.  Sigh.  We have some linguistic work to do, friends. 

4. They have cream cheese here.  Friends, they have every kind of cheese here.  It's too wonderful for me to express.  I made my first cheese cake this weekend.  Delight. It was a delight. 

5. Ladies, if you have little men, you probably already know this secret.  We have a continual battle over crazy hair in the morning.  There's a lot of stubborn Dawkins thickness going on in those heads of hair.  I can never get it to flatten out...without practically pouring a bucket on their heads.  This is always dramatic for us.

I bought a spray bottle.  The kind they use at their hair dresser.

The boys love it. They will spray themselves.  The hair flattens. (Ok. As much as it will flatten.) And no one starts crying or shaking their head like a puppy.

It took me six years to come up with this solution. I figured I should share it.

Happy Monday to you! 

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Salter327 said...

spray bottle! GENIUS!!