Monday, April 24, 2017

Sant Jordi

Yesterday was the festival of Sant Jordi in Catalunya.  We've heard about this day for months.  It's everyone's favorite holiday and the streets were a flood of people, books and roses.

 Friends, it makes Valentine's Day look lame.  It was such a fun day! Ladies buy men books, and men buy ladies roses.  I heard an estimate that there were 6 million roses sold today, and over a million books.  They even transformed the balconies of Gaudi's Casa Batllo with roses.

The myth, that grew from Catalunya's patron Saint George, is a story of a knight who rescues a princess from a wicked dragon.  And where the blood fell, there sprang a rose bush. The books, it would appear, worked their way into the tradition as a result of Shakespeare and Cervantes, who both died on April 23.  Here's a picture of my little knight, ready to go to school on Friday.

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