Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Thirty-seven sure snuck up on me. I'm rolling toward 4-0, friends.  

Check out those candelabra candles!? The boys put on a Sant Jordi play for me...I was the princess, and they rescued me. 

My dad called to tell me that my tulips bloomed.  I know, I tell you about this every year but it's my favorite birthday tradition to check on those flowers.  My mom planted tulip bulbs at our farm house the year I was due.  They bloomed the spring I was born...in 1980.  And those same bulbs have bloomed every year since then. 

I like to think about my parents back then. They were so young in a spring time of life.  Time has flown away from all of us.  But thirty-seven years later, what was planted is still blooming.  It feels almost miraculous the way sowing works. 

This is a season of sowing in my own little life...and it helps me to look forward with hope that some of these seeds, however small they seem,  will bloom for long years ahead.  

Thirty-seven years of abundant faithfulness from the God who gives life. 


Michelle McArdle said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kelly Brasher said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Laura! We are so blessed to have you in our lives, even you are across the globe most of the time. You will always be my favorite cousin, partly because you and the Lord blessed us with 4 more precious cousins to love! Hope your day was filled with joy and laughter with the ones you love most!
The Brashers love you BIG!

Bonnie Myers said...

Happy Birthday, friend!! :)