Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Miscellany

Hellooooo!!! It's Monday.  Here's a little miscellaneous information from our world on this side.  

1. David ran the "Bombers" 10K this weekend.  That's bomberos.  The firefighters.  There were over 10,000 people in the race.  A few of the guys ran in all their firefighter apparel, pushing wheelchairs....for 6+ miles.

Hubs has a hilarious habit of racing "himself" in these situations. He takes it very seriously and I get really tickled by it. His goal was 42 minutes.  He came in at 42.03. Ya'll that's a good time. But I could tell those 3 seconds really irked him though. There's a 5k in June that he's planning to run and he's already setting his goal:)

He did eat the celebratory cookie cake in spite of the three seconds though.

2. The boys watched Barca play "futbol" on Saturday night.  They now have full apparel, thanks to Grammar and Pop.  Silas even made me paint the Nike check and a 10 on his shorts so his uniform would be authentic. That kid loves Messi. Jude's a Neymar, Jr fan...quite possibly just because he wants to be different from Silas.

3. Last week alone, people from four different continents ate at my dining table. I thought we were inter-cultural before, but this city is making me feel like I've been culturally unenlightened heretofore.

Ya'll.  I admit that to this Southern gal, it's just a little stressful to welcome people from so many backgrounds...knowing that they definitely do not eat, drink or do hospitality the way I do.  I'm trying to lean into humility though and add enough kindness to cover up the abundant cultural errors that are inevitable.

I served this Au Gratin Potato casserole from All Recipes.  So far, friends from four countries have loved it.  I'm adding it to the no-fail list.  It's really delicious.

4. We are going camping this week for Jude's upcoming 7th birthday.  He requested a camp out. You can look forward to the full report later this week. I have every confidence there'll be a story or two to share.


Kelly Brasher said...

1. In a family full of St. Louis Cardinal fans, Quinten loves the Braves. In a house full of Tennessee football fans, Natalie grew up loving Auburn and Mississippi State. I have noticed, though, a year in Bama country has made her more drawn to our beloved Vols. Kids are always searching for two things, a place to be accepted and a way to be unique. Looks like those two are right on track!

2. In regards to your multi-cultural entertaining, a sweet heart like yours is universally understood and is a great coverage for a multitude of hospitality mess-ups. Love is always the most excellent thing, and you, my sweet friend, love others so very well!

3. We love you so very much!!!

Joanna said...

Yes! to the multi-cultural stress! I stress out over playdates both at other houses & my house - what is the protocol on what to serve? Who knew that was expected?? I was recently invited to a German picnic which was a celebration of an adult's birthday. Everyone was to bring food instead of gifts. And German picnics are much like the camping - the nicest "picnic" food I've ever seen! I was assigned to bring a "sweet" item and agonized for 2 weeks over what to take that would transport well in a backpack on public transport with 2 kids in tow (and be gluten free). And I couldn't bring myself to be the american who brought "American Cookies" as they're called. I ended up taking chocolate bark with fresh raspberries in it and it was a really big hit!! there were at least 6 nationalities represented and only the 1 other American had ever heard of it.