Friday, May 26, 2017

return to Ikea

We had a few things that have been stacked in a return pile for about 6 months now, so last night we headed to Ikea. I don't think I'll ever stop feeling nostalgic about that store.

It makes me remember that season when we were living in a little hut near the ocean.  Asher was dancing near the roof edge during laundry hanging.  The boys were tired before we even walked out the door in the mornings.  We were spending all our time walking the streets on the grand apartment hunt and our evenings eating at Ikea and shopping for a house full of furniture.  I told you I'm all nostalgic about it, see?

We've come a long way.  And Ikea, and their wonderful Swedish economy, helped me build a home here.  Boy am I glad to have a home to rest in.

We bought a new bookshelf, because it's just about impossible to leave that store empty handed.  Those people know how to market.

Hope we're done there for a long while now.  Except for the hot dogs.  We'll never be done with their hot dogs.

Hubs ate three. He loves Ikea too:)


Kelly Brasher said...

I love it when you blog about your sweet little boys, so sometimes I forget about that sweet BIG boy you have! So thankful you added that guy to the family! Tell him to eat just one more for Greg! Love you all!

Crosby International said...

Nostalgia is better than regret!! =-)

Ikea is coming to India! (5 years too late!)