Thursday, May 25, 2017


Um.  I've not been doing so well at keeping up lately.  We had a few visitors from the states.  And I got not one picture.  And my friend from here is in the US right now.  So I've had six kids every day at lunch.  Six is a lot.  

Thankfully, this lot is seriously well behaved.  Barring my own two year old maniac.  It's been so fun to watch the kids together.  And there's a girl in the mix! (Yes, only one.  5 boys, haha!) We did a sewing project together.  It's like boy-mom therapy. 

It's definitely eaten into those few spare minutes of blogging time:) I just wrote on my to-do list today: Blog something. This is it. 

Someday soon I'll tell ya something deep.  For now, here's the monster. The cutest monster I know:) 

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