Thursday, May 4, 2017

the funk

Ya'll.  There's a serious funk in our house.  At first we thought it was the radiators.  We had them checked.  It's not the radiators.  We thought maybe it was a dead animal. Or maybe the neighbors had something weird going on. 

We're not talking a little whiff now and then. We're talking rotten, putrid air when you open the door to our bedroom and Asher's room.  

Hubs resorted to neighbors.  The elderly lady on five sent her caretaker down to take a whiff.  No help.  The architects below us said that this has been a recurring problem for the past two years.  They even ripped out a wall to try and fix a drain in hopes it would diminish.  To no avail. My hopes sunk. I thought I left smells like this behind in South Asia.  

It would appear it's some sort of internal building problem that won't be easily discovered or remedied.  The good news is, it was almost unnoticeable this winter.  The bad news is, it's barely hot right now.  If this is the heat bringing it out, I cannot even imagine what August will be like.  

I'm working it out a little better these days...closing off the rooms with the strongest smell and putting fans in the windows. 

And finally, after about 7 years of snobbishly resisting "faddish" behavior, I am diffusing essential oils in my house.  All you granolas will be delighted to know, it is helping. 

(I hope you hear the love, Amanda.)  


Crosby International said...

"all you granolas" - ha, ha! I love it!!

tmherrin said...

Not sure if this helps - when I was in China I had a similar problem. The solution was to leave the drains plugged. The building I was in didn't put a one way drain for the septic system and when it got warm, it would waft up into my apartment. It smelled like something had gone the way of the dinosaur in my apartment until I did that (it didn't smell like poo - it was just a general horrid smell). A veteran in Harbin came by and diagnosed the problem - I was looking around for dead marsupials or old lunches and didn't suspect yucky fumes. A friend made little stoppers and made them decorative (I think just flat rocks with fabric around them) - it didn't have to plug the hole, just sit on top of it to keep air from coming through the drains. Not sure if this is the cure, but it might not hurt to try shutting all the drains while you are not using sinks/bathtubs. - tmh