Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Grand Camp-out

For Jude's upcoming birthday, he requested a family camp-out.  My parent's gave David camping equipment for Christmas and we've been waiting for warmer weather to try it out.  

Friends had told us that European camping is much different.  And, wow, they were right! 

The "campground" had a full service restaurant, a grocery store, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis and futbol court, trampoline and playground. In the summer months, they have entertainment 2x a week, and a disco party on Saturday evenings.  No fires.  It's like a European rule or something.  We roasted marshmallows over a candle.  The campsites are practically on top of one another.  Thankfully, right now is low season still so it was really peaceful for us. It's almost like a summer camp set up...only for everyone.  I walked past a camper full of French-speakers near dinner time and their table was set with crystal wine glasses.  

These people are serious about their camping.  The Germans we talked to were using their maternity leave to camp with their parents.  The Dutch were taking a two month sabbatical to camp...in a tent....with their toddlers. It was a big tent though.  Big.  

They thought it was hilarious that we unloaded all our stuff to stay for less than 24 hours. We're just dipping our toes in now though:) Ok. Enough chatter.  Here are a few pictures. 

Happy Campers.  (Let's keep it real too: Silas was like an inchworm all night in his sleeping bag.  At one point, Jude was using Silas's bootie as his pillow. David couldn't fit inside the actual tent with us comfortably, so he slept in the entryway. And my back is so sore today that not even Advil could cure it.) But we did love it! The birthday boy was particularly happy!


Kelly Brasher said...

Now, THAT is my kind of camping! And it is NOT the kind of camping Greg Brasher has exposed me to! The first being on an uninhabited island on the Tennessee River on which our boat got dry-docked, because the water went down drastically overnight! Had to dig that big ol' boat out of the sand by hand! The second being in a "primitive" campground with a bath shack about a half mile away, while Laurin Boeving and the youth were in a cozy two story cabin up the river a bit! Neither one fed the camping fever in me, but European camping looks like something I could definitely get into! Especially with cute little fellas like yours! Tell Jude happy birthday from his Brasher family! Can't believe that little guy is already 8 years old...
Love him and his camping buddies BIG!

jeanne said...

Love seeing these pictures! That is no camping like I have ever done! Praying for you weekly as I pray for those outside of the USA. We love you!