Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beach Day

We sent the older boys to school.  And hubs took the morning off so we could beach together. I even jumped in for a swim.  The water is still pretty cold, but the sun is heating up fast these days.  It was wonderful. 

Then, I popped that beef in a crock pot to greet me at 8pm after a wild driving lesson.

Yes.  I'm in driving lessons now.  I have only passed the theoretical part of the exam.  I've been waiting (since March) for a spot in the practical exams.  Hopefully, I'll get a spot this July.  This means, I'll drive for 30 minutes while someone critics everything from the way I hold the wheel to whether or not my tire touches the white line of the bus lane while turning. He told me yesterday, as I was double checking to make sure we didn't get t-boned whilst pulling onto a road from a stop sign on a steep incline in a stick shift car, that I needed to have an attitude of "command" in the car in the presence of the official instructor.

Ya'll.  I not only need to practice driving.  I need to practice having a commanding presence while driving.  

I came home to this goodness. Ropa Vieja (Cuban shredded beef), with black beans and rice.  

Hands down, the best dish I've cooked in six months.  Click here for the recipe.  I admit I modified it quite a bit based on what I like/don't like and what I can get here.  Nonetheless, it was lick-you-plate good.  

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