Sunday, June 4, 2017

Silas & Nephratiti

Silas just finished a unit on Egypt in his class. He made a pyramid out of straws and his friends wrapped him up like a mummy. He seriously loved it.  It just so happens, that the Egyptian museum is down the street from our house and kids are free.  ( I kind of doubt they thought one person would show up with three kids...but...I did:) We popped in this weekend and saw real bones and mummies and hieroglyphics. The boys loved it.  I admit, I did too.  One of my earliest childhood memories is that huge statue of Ramses that showed up in Memphis for an exhibition in the 1980s.  Apparently, they learned quite a bit about Nephratiti and it's adorable to hear him name all the objects in Catalan, since he studied it with his class. 

The cutie also just had his class "exhibition." Apparently, they learned about chess in English class and played a silent round for the parents.  He also danced to the alphabet, video provided for grandparent viewing😜

It's been a tough year for this guy, but he's pushed through and made some serious progress.  We're so proud of him!

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