Friday, July 14, 2017

Andorra, Part 2

The bags are still spilling out clothes and boots.  But we're home.

This was one of the most refreshing weeks I've experienced in a while.  I won't say restful.  We made two trips to the doctor. (Tonsilitis for David and the old wheezing cough for Asher....that's family life, right:) We hiked hard.  But it was refreshing.

My favorite hike was the day that we realized about an hour into our path that the little guys just weren't going to make it up the mountain that day.  So David took Silas and Asher back down the mountain while Jude and I pressed on.  It was tough going, but we made it to the Cabana Sorda Lake. We caught tadpoles in the puddles, waded in the freezing water and watched the guys who were cliff diving.  Cabana Sorda,known for it's depth (18 meters), is one of the best places to jump off rocky ledges into clear icy water.  Jude is my little introvert, so the one-on-one hike meant a lot to him.  Watching him absorb that kind of stunning natural beauty was such a gift to me.

When we met back up at the trail head at the appointed time, David took off to trail run up to the highest lake in Andorra. The sun doesn't set until 10pm, so we picked him up from the trail head again just before bedtime.

Let's just say, we came back a little sorer and stronger than we went.

Farewell, Andorra!!! You were better than we hoped! 

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Belva said...

You all are so resourceful! What a great vacation and glad you survived the Dr. visits--like you said, that's part of life. I'm so glad you got to do this.