Thursday, July 20, 2017


 I'll admit that we haven't gotten quite as much "summer school" done this week as I had planned.  I affectionately refer to the slump that follows vacation as PVD, post vacation depression.  I just always have a touch of the blues when we come back from a good vacation.  We're back on our routine now, though, and gratefully so. Here are a few random tidbits from our world:

1.  I bought Silas and Asher scooters for the summer. Jude has a skateboard.  The first time I attempted to take all three children to the park "on wheels," I almost sat down on the sidewalk to cry.  Elderly ladies would see us coming from down the street and press themselves against the building walls to protect themselves.  Let's just say, we're still working out our system. Once we actually get to the park, it's wonderful.  We have some work to do though on our navigation of main thoroughfares.

2.  Cars 3.  They've been watching the trailer for 6 months. It was love at first watch.

3.  This summer breeze blows my doors around all day long.  They sell chic door holders here...for 10 euros each. But I just can't bring myself to pay that much for a block of wood that has a cute rope on it. Last night I up-cycled some kids' pillows that a friend passed on to me with a packed bag of salt in the bottom.  Perfectly cute little door guards for the boys' rooms.

4. Put your earbuds in, mommas.  This episode was just the kind of conversation I needed to listen to mid-way through the summer heat with three boys under foot! 

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jeanne said...

Ha! You could start a new trend with that door stopper! So cute and ingenious! We have the same issues with doors when we are in Mexico - the sound of severe door slamming is commonplace - but nonetheless bone-jarring!

Love hearing about your life and all that is being done through you. We sure love you and we pray for you all.