Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Round Three & Fancy Dress

It's that time around here.  Round three of potty training.  A note to self, the purchase of scooters and the onset of potty training should have probably been spaced with a bit more distance to reduce mom-stress. It's been seriously exciting around here this week.  

We are making significant progress in our scooter etiquette, and far fewer people are jumping out of our path on the sidewalks.  As has always been the case in our household, M & Ms serve as great motivators in our potty training progress.  

Hubs took me out for a fancy dinner last night.  I snagged a "new" dress at that 1Euro market I love so much, so we dressed fancy.  We literally walked across the street to a restaurant we've been wanting to try since we arrived.  It was delicious! I'm still getting used to all the seafood on the beach-town menu, but I'm branching out.  I even considered ordering octopus last night...but went for the salmon instead.  It did not disappoint.  Nor did the company.  

Happy Tuesday to you! 

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Kelly Brasher said...

I know that hubby of yours was very proud of that beautiful woman on his arm last night. Even if it is just across the street, a couple of hours of quality time together is a must! And I must say, David cleans up pretty well himself! I'm sure you agree...Love you all!