Tuesday, August 8, 2017

city bikes

Did you know that Barcelona ranks in the top 20 most bike-friendly cities in the world? People really do bike almost everywhere here. It's a city goal.  A lot of people have these crazy fold-up bikes that they take right into their office with them. Even the traffic laws are aligned so that it's legal for you to get pretty much anywhere by bike.  There's a city bike service with bike pick up points that tons of locals use. You buy a card for the year and have access to bike pick ups all over the place.  This week, our card came.  Most of David's work is within a couple miles of our house, so for him, this will probably be a major mode of transport now.

Usually, I have a kid or three with me, so I doubt I'll be on a bike too often, but today I went for a ride down to Plaza Catalunya.  I could be wrong, but I think it's been somewhere around 5 years since I rode a bike. I had to get up my courage in an alley way before I hit the streets.  (Don't worry, I stayed within the guarded bike lanes.)  It was soooO fun.  

Here's to a little more time for city exploration this summer! 

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Joanna said...

We bike everywhere!! In Germany, kids bike on the sidewalk until age 8-10, and parents ride on the sidewalk with them if they're little. It took me a while of this to get enough confidence to ride on the street - literally inches from cars & TRAINS too. I still ride on the sidewalk with Brandtley, but if I'm just with Jackson (almost 8) I'll ride on the street while he stays on the sidewalk. But it's been really awesome. We haven't even used the car since March (though that's also because we're currently unlicensed and driving scares me more than bicycling!). If going a long distance or need to be on a busy road w.o a sidewalk, we just hook Brandtley's bike up to the back of ours & tow him! I've thought about getting a chariot for days that he has an "off" day but I don't really want him to think that's a daily option... :)