Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Happy Hollisters

While all the cute first-day-of-school pictures pop up from the US, we are still in the throes of summer.  We're barely even feeling bored yet. I know that mid-September will creep up on us though.

Currently, Jude is completely enthralled with The Happy Hollisters series.  His face is glued to the pages.  I actually have to make him put it down to eat.  Isn't it amazing that a book written in 1953 can still evoke that in a little boy in 2017?

Tonight, hopes are running high in our house.  I said "maybe" to the picking out of a matchbox car at the big department store near the Plaza.  If this momma can get up the courage to take all three boys down to the tourist district in mid-August.  It's wild down there, ya'll.

Summer, summer.

Carry on with your back to school pictures.  We're still watching cartoons over here.

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