Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas, In Pictures

I always like for the grandparents to wake up to the pictures of our morning on the far side.  Here are a few memories from Christmas Eve and this morning. Last night, we went to a candlelight service at the international church.  And we worshipped Jesus with people from all over the world.  I made a big pot of tortellini soup for beforehand and we gathered with a few other families who are away from home.  This morning, Silas snuck out at 5am "for a glass of water." I promptly put him back to bed.  By 7:30am though, the excitement couldn't be held off any longer.  A flurry of wrapping paper followed.  Asher's outside riding his new balance bike by the mercat, the boys are racing with their new stopwatch, and I'm putting the roast in the crock pot for this evening after a Christmas hike.

I've been listening to Dickens's A Christmas Carol while I cook, with full eyes for all that God has given to our household.  Not those hilarious pajamas or the new toys, but the people that are right here with us. The ability to spend my energy and time on giving my boys a warm childhood, with joy and excitement and affection.

It's Jesus.

He's the reason I have anything at all to give.  He's the reason our hearts are awake.

That blessed babe, born in a stable while the angels proclaimed.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Pop POP said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing your morning, Silas getting up for a glass of water is classic and so "Silas". I was a little disappointed that David didn't have his elf pajamas on!