Thursday, December 21, 2017


A friend brought me an old copy of Little Women this fall.  I am not sure when I last read the tales of those little women, but it's been at least a decade. I can hardly ever resist a book with yellowed pages and it just seemed like the perfect December fare.

I love how good books change as I age.  They give me new gifts for new seasons.

Fiction can breathe perspective into my soul in a way that no straight forward lesson ever could. Marmee's wisdom, Jo's tempered passions, Amy's beauty, and Meg's sweetness all felt richer in a new way this time around.

Their stories help me see my own small story a little better.

Of course, my story is a bit different, isn't it? No little women in this household.

These little men are keeping me on my toes.  Christmas break, here we come!

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