Thursday, December 14, 2017

Silas's P5 Christmas Musical

Silas was a tree in his class musical.  Let's just say, generally speaking, Silas gets the backdrop parts in school productions.  He's not much of a stage man, but he did that tree dance perfectly and watching him recite the Catalan poem so confidently was a decidedly good moment for all of us.

He has really grown this year in his language skills.  Primarily because his teacher, who I'm guessing speaks a good bit more English than she lets on, refuses to speak to him in anything but Catalan.  While I didn't exactly have the warm fuzzies over this policy, I have to hand it to her...he's grown by leaps and bounds already this year in language.

Their play was a mix of traditional Nativity figures, hilarious miniatures of traditional reindeer and snow fairies, and a few songs and poems. Afterward, we were all invited to the classroom to receive our handmade Christmas ornament, and look at the latest artwork.  Check out his amazing self-portrait! I sure hope that makes its way home one day!

We've come a long way since last Christmas, and I couldn't be prouder of my hard working little tree!!!


Kelly Brasher said...

That is the cutest little tree I've ever seen! Hold that boy tight Momma - those little girls are going to melt in those big blue eyes of his!

So thankful your Mom and Dad were able to see the show in person!

Pop POP said...

We are so thankful for the time together, no travel issues, a joy to see our children and grandchildren flourishing in this country and embracing its culture and language. We are all just so blessed by the Lord.