Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Disney Characters

I'm almost done. I'll be moving on to real life after this. Don't worry. Reality has already set in.  We have T-3 weeks until we cross the ocean. Don't talk to me about suitcases, ok? Don't even whisper the word in my presence. This is now post-vacation therapy. 

It really was a fantastic vacation. I feel so grateful that we made those memories before we fly away. 

Besides the rides and fun, we did a lot of eating on this trip. David and I came home and promptly bought salad. I do love the character dining experiences simply because the kids are entertained by the excitement, mom gets to take pictures without waiting in line...and it's just a lot of fun. Not to mention, I really do like the food at Disney. Our favorite was probably the Supercalafragalistic Breakfast with Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and plenty of others.  It was adorable! Here are a few of our favorites from the week.

Farewell for now, Disney!!! 


Epcot wins the best food award. We should have eaten there more. We could have used up our snack credits just on the walk around the world. The dinner show in Germany was a family favorite! On the last day, in an attempt to get the most out of that fabulous Disney Dining Plan, we ate in Tokyo and in Paris. While I don't necessarily recommend that, the food was delicious. Next time, I'm going to plan to go to Chefs of France a little earlier in the week, before I'm too stuffed to get maximum enjoyment.

Epcot also holds its own for rides. The kids loved it there. And a lot of it is more interactive, and less line waiting. The family favorite was definitely Soarin', and Silas was enamored with Test Track.

Animal Kingdom

There's just something about Animal Kingdom. It makes me feel like I'm in Africa again. It actually makes me want to go live in Africa.  Can you imagine how much work goes into making a Florida swampland look like an African savannah? Disney is in the details, and they do a fantastic job. We ate at Tusker's and had some deliciously exotic fare, which added to the whole experience. And I pretty much love Mickey in a safari hat.  My favorite "show" in all of Disney remains The Lion King, it's just spectacular.

Here's the photo review. Please note that on Expedition Everest, David looks terrified, Uncle Andy is lovin' it, PopPop is bracing himself and Jude - he's cool as a cucumber. That kid can handle some rollercoasters. Andy went back a couple days later, and waited two hours to ride Avatar...with two kids in tow. These guys are serious.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Magic Kingdom

We stayed in the Contemporary this time, which means that we spent a lot of time in Magic Kingdom.  (You can actually walk to the park from the hotel.) It is by far my favorite park. It's like we walk through the gates and everything just feels magical. And crowded. It felt crowded too. Because I'm married to an early riser, we hit a couple days right when it opened and got in as many rides as possible. That 9-10am hour is a golden time for short lines (though not on the most popular rides) and fewer people. It's my favorite time in Magic Kingdom. 

While I would love to write that we shut the park down, we didn't. We did get to see a parade one night, on our way home from dinner at Be Our Guest. The kids loved it, and so did I. But we never made it to the fireworks! Hubs and I did watch them from the hotel balcony one evening, in our pajamas, and they were spectacular. Then I crawled into bed. 

I l-o-v-e Disney. But, man, does it wear me out. 

You'll note several princess pictures. Basically, it's not my fault that I have all boys and I do love a good princess every now and then. So I made them do some of the princess stuff with their cousins. Jude literally crawled under his seat when Snow White appeared at our table. Silas forbid "princess talk" by the end of the week. We may have some work to do on our gentlemanly conduct. 

Here's the photo review from Magic Kingdom!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hollywood Studios

 The highlight of Hollywood Studios was definitely Disney's acquisition of Star Wars. We saw a live show with Chewbacca and life-sized Storm Troopers.  Silas signed up for Jedi training, and fought Kylo Ren on stage. It was a life moment. 

We dressed in Mouse apparel, ate at Hollywood & Vine, traipsed through a very crowded Toy Story Land, and chickened out of the Tower of Terror! 

David discovered the ice cream cookie sandwich that would change his Disney experience....every day!!! He found out about this little gem while watching a video of "Best Snacks for your Disney Dining Plan." The man does his research:)