Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hubs had an annual check up yesterday.  She checked his "flexibility" as a part of the evaluation.   David is not a flexible guy.  He can hardly sit cross legged. The doctor proceeded to recommend Chair Yoga for David. Yes, you read that correctly. Hubs has officially been prescribed Chair Yoga.  If this is the recommendation pre-forties, what on earth will retirement hold? Maybe we should go ahead and sign him up for Water Aerobics and Sit and Be Fit?

As for the rest of us, we survived the holiday season without too much sickness in our house.  But this week we're making up for it with coughs and fevers and a general state of unwell running through the ranks. We're eating chicken noodle soup and watching more episodes of Nick Jr. than we should, but we're making it.  David and I are trying to hold steady, and haven't had to miss a class yet.  Silas, on the other hand, has been on the couch for 2 days now.

With plenty of sympathy from the brotherhood.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Books for Boys

Over the Christmas break, Jude read through a pile of books I'd ordered from a variety of lists.   It's beginning to stretch my genre to find books that appeal to a little lad.  I was an Anne of Green Gables kind of girl myself.   I spend plenty of time perusing good lists that on curriculum websites to keep his appetite fed.  He recommended two from the pile for me to enjoy myself.  And I won't deny that I read well past my bed-time while they were waiting on my night stand.

Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman is the tale of a sixteen-year-old  who climbs the mountain looming over their village.  It is the same mountain his father died climbing.  Based on the climbing of the Matterhorn, if you have any love to mountaineering at all, it's well worth your time - even at age thirty-seven! 

Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan is a fictionalized story based on the story that Norwegians saved $9 million in gold bullion from the hands of the Nazis in WWII. The ship reached Baltimore in 1940.   The legend goes that the brave children pulled the gold on their sleds to the ship under the very noses of the Nazis.  

Both are fascinating stories, well worth the eyes of any boys you have in your reading world. I enjoyed them immensely myself.  I'd recommend both for ages 8 and beyond. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

How we've grown

Friends popped in to visit this weekend. They live in the bush of Africa, in a wild life so different from our city scape that we were enthralled by their tales. The favored story was of their cat whom they presume was eaten by a snake.  My boys were flabbergasted that there could be such a thing as a weekly "Bonfire Night." Open fires are quite strictly forbidden in Europe, even when camping. Jude asked why we don't just move on over to Africa next.  

We haven't seen each other in about seven years.  We pulled up the last picture we have together. It was taken the week that Jude was born.  We've grown a bit since then. Seasons change, and our families have spanned 3 continents since we last met. But this gospel fellowship is so sweet and strong in the midst of it. Might I just write how privileged I feel to be in such good company, with friends who are giving themselves away quietly in hard places for beautiful reasons?  

 I can hardly bring myself to imagine what we'll look like when another 7 years have passed!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Barca vs. Levante

 Thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from NanNan and PopPop, we had our first glimpse of the inside of the famed Camp Nou this weekend.   No one was disappointed!

We watched Barca defeat Levante, 3-0, and maintain their #1 position in LaLiga. It was a little surreal to look down and see the unbelievably talented Messi kicking right in front of us.  I won't deny that I find his personal story fascinating.  We're quite the fans in this house.

It was definitely an experience we won't soon forget!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tres Reyes Parade

It is, hands down, my favorite Barcelona tradition.  Part of me doesn't even want to post pictures, because there is simply no way to capture the magic of this parade. You just have to be there.

We waited on that side walk for 2.5 hours with a passel of children in order to have front row seats...and it did not disappoint.  It really is magical.

What's New

The Christmas break just flew past us. I haven't even had time to write my 2017 in review.  Maybe later in January I'll do a flash back.  I can tell you in one little word what's been keeping me so busy.  

His name is Asher. 

In a two week time span, he's dropped a nap, given up that beloved pacifier, and....ahem....wait for it....potty trained!!!! 

Go big or go home. 

Just to give you an idea what that looks like for us, in our very big city lifestyle.....

I bet you wish you'd been able to have a playdate with me this week. Trust me, we weren't bored.