Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hubs had an annual check up yesterday.  She checked his "flexibility" as a part of the evaluation.   David is not a flexible guy.  He can hardly sit cross legged. The doctor proceeded to recommend Chair Yoga for David. Yes, you read that correctly. Hubs has officially been prescribed Chair Yoga.  If this is the recommendation pre-forties, what on earth will retirement hold? Maybe we should go ahead and sign him up for Water Aerobics and Sit and Be Fit?

As for the rest of us, we survived the holiday season without too much sickness in our house.  But this week we're making up for it with coughs and fevers and a general state of unwell running through the ranks. We're eating chicken noodle soup and watching more episodes of Nick Jr. than we should, but we're making it.  David and I are trying to hold steady, and haven't had to miss a class yet.  Silas, on the other hand, has been on the couch for 2 days now.

With plenty of sympathy from the brotherhood.

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